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Bring some Christmas magic into your home with our online and in-person Elf Experiences!

Live Interactive Zoom Call with one of our elves!

Give your children the gift of Christmas magic this year with an online interactive chat with Santa’s most favourite elf live from Santa’s workshop. Let your little ones tell their elf what they want for Christmas, if they have been good and maybe even join them in a Christmas song and dance!

ON SALE NOW! Limited dates available

Magical Elf Visit! (In Person)

Book one of our magical elf visits! Choose a time and date to have one of Santa’s most favourite elves visit your home and hand deliver your child/children a very special little gift (a bell from Santa’s sleigh and a couple of extras). They can also take any letters back to Santa for a festively fast delivery! As well as that they will stick around for a while for a dance, some songs and lots of festive fun!